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me4kidz Mission Statement

To provide quality, user-friendly first aid products that are durable, comprehensive and encourage heightened awareness of the most common injuries.

"Clean it, Fix it & Back to Play"™

me4kidz Company Snapshot

Pete & Richelle me4kidz™, LLC is a family-owned & operated business. Its core focus is designing functional and modern first-aid kits that prompt and inspire parents and caregivers world-wide to be prepared when it comes to every day childhood injuries.  To keep jobs in our Country, their products are manufactured  in the USA. They donate product each year to various educational fundraisers and children’s organizations to better the lives of others that can't afford first aid products. me4kidz is very conscious of the environment. They do their part in keeping our earth green by using recycled, lead-free plastic. me4kidz™ is also proudly partnered with non-profit organizations to humbly provide consistent work for those of various disabilities; allowing them the opportunity to feel a sense of need in the community & increased self esteem. In doing so, all of their products are proudly put together by loving & caring individuals with disabilities. These are all the little ways that this family makes a difference one little owie at a time. They truly love what they do and they strive for you to love it too! They are not just any first aid company...they are a  first aid company that cares.

As Ghandi so famously said..."You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

The little bees in the background...Our Team

They call their team the “little bees”, as that is how it all got started! Their oldest son, Cody was stung by a bee in 2002 and was the inspiration for Richelle to dream up the concept of me4kidz™, which stands for “medical emergencies for kids.” In 2005, they had Luke, who was the inspiration behind the medibuddy. Joey later joined the team in May of 2009 and was the motivation behind the organic & natural diaper bag buddy. Pete was just what the company & family needed to envision their journey of success for years to come. This family of five is driven by their faith in the Lord and is completely committed to their business in all aspects.

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